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What are Dragon Medical One Keyboard Shortcuts?

Dragon Medical One Keyboard Shortcuts

Utilizing Keyboard shortcuts is a fantastic way to improve your efficiency with Dragon Medical One. Some of the Dragon Medical One Keyboard shortcuts are are configured by default but they are fully customizable based on your needs.

If you are using a PowerMic or the PowerMic Mobile many of these keys can be programmed on your device, but if you’re using a Bluetooth headset a keyboard shortcut makes a lot of sense.

There are also a few hot keys that don’t currently have a voice command, specifically the show/hide dragon bar and you can assign hot keys to step-by-step commands.

When I first started using Dragon, I did not realize the Numpad + key would turn on, and off recording. For a few hours, I thought my keyboard was broken!

We also have a great article and video on how to use the DragonBar that gives you a great primer on it’s usage.

Default Dragon Medical One Keyboard Shortcuts & Voice Commands

FunctionHot KeyVoice Command
Show/hide DragonBarCTRL+ALT+H
Start/stop RecordingThe Number Pad ‘+’ Key‘wake up’ / ‘go to sleep’
Anchor/release speech focusCTRL+ALT+A‘anchor speech focus’ / ‘ release speech focus’
Run Dragon Medical Advisernone
Close Dragon Medical Advisornone
Dictation Box
Show/hide Dictation BoxCTRL+ALT+D‘show dictation box’ / ‘hide dictation box’
Transfer TextCTRL+ALT+T‘transfer text’
Clear Dictation BoxNone‘discard text’
Recall TextNone‘recall text’
Field Navigation
Previous FeildNone‘previous field’
Next FeildNone‘next field
Field CompleteNone‘field complete’
Accept DefaultsNone‘accept defaults’
A list of Dragon Medical One Keyboard Shortcuts

How to change Dragon Medical One Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Open the DragonBar Menu by clicking the ‘Dragon Menu’ Button. (hint- it looks like a flame)
  2. Select Options
  3. Navigate to Hotkeys
  4. Change the hotkeys as needed
  5. Click Apply All
  6. Click Close

Pro Tip: since your Dragon Medical One profile is in the cloud these changes will sync up to any system you use this account on.

dragon options
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How to assign Dragon Medical One Keyboard shortcuts from NMC

The author of this document has worked in IT for almost 20 years, and there is one thing I’ve learned. More often than not, the smaller the origination the greater the flexibility. Larger Orginizations may want to standardize keyboard short cuts for all users, and even prevent changes to those short cuts.

This could be that the existing shortcut conflicts with the EMR or the training documentation needs to be consistent for all users, for this reason you can configure and lock keyboard shortcuts from the NMC (Nuance Management Console).

  1. Log into the NMC
  2. Click on the Dragon Medical One Tab at the top then the ‘manage’ gear
  3. Select the organization level (Customer or Group)
  4. Click on Hotkeys
  5. Configure your hot keys, optionally ‘Lock’ them
  6. Click Save
  7. Click Close
nmc keyboard shortcuts
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