DMO Official Support for Windows 11

Copy of PowerMic II in DMO

I’ve been using Dragon Medical One in Windows 11 since November and quite happily too. No issues with any of the applications that I’ve run across yet. I’ve been running it since the Beta Version of Windows 11 was leaked last August

Windows 11 is the newest version of the Windows operating system and we are testing Dragon Medical One with Windows 11. Most customers have experienced little or no issues in using Dragon Medical One with Windows 11. We expect to announce official support for Windows 11 targeted for the 2nd calendar quarter of 2022.


If you’re technically inclined like I am, you’ll notice that Nuance planned for support of Windows 11 when they started the migration to WebView2. You can read more about this from Version 2021.3 if you’re interested.

Beyond moving things around, Windows 11 and Windows 10 are substantially similar. I have my own theories behind why there was a version change but much of the technology and security of Windows 11 is optional in Windows 10.

While I wouldn’t recommend a medical clinic jump on Windows 11 just yet, as many older EHR’s may have issues and you need to ensure you’re support team is ready for your personal equipment it’s certainly fun to use. I like the clean lines that Windows 11 gives and it runs quite well on my laptops and desktops. Keep in mind, I’m a bit of a techie so my systems are all <3 years old. If you have older computers you might want to just wait and many older systems are not supported by Windows 11.

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