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Dragon Medical Dictation in Canada

how much does dragon medical one cost in canada

It was back in 2018 at the eHealth Conference that Nuance Communication launched its universal cloud-based speech recognition program, Dragon Medical One in Canada.

This program was destined to replace the desktop based program, Dragon Medical Practice Edition was discontinued in 2021. Since it’s inception there has been slow uptake in Canada but thankfully that’s changing.

If you’re wondering how much does Dragon Medical One cost, in Canada its $109 per month on a 12-month contract with one-time $578.00 setup fee.

Like many exceptional Valuated Resellers, the owners of this page Demand ITS Inc. do sell Dragon Medical One to their clients and provide training and support.

It is the policy of Demand ITS Inc. that we will not only match any special pricing offered OMA or the company operating under the name ‘Dragon Medical Dictation Canada‘ but we will also beat it! Guaranteeing you the lowest price possible. To apply for this, you need to send prove of advertising (Screen shot, URL, FAX etc..) and once verified we will honor the price, this could lead to huge savings over the lifetime of the product.

Why is Demand ITS offering a lowest guarantee for the OMA discount or against any deals offered by ‘Dragon Medical Dictation Canada?’

Each VAR who agrees to work with Nuance promises a certain set of ethics, this includes providing good service and enhancing the product’s use and value and not ‘selling solely on price’. Dragon Medical Dictation Canada broke the spirit of that agreement, other community members reported unsolicited SPAM via email/fax despite Canada’s Laws and we know of them making deals with Medical Associations to provide special pricing in return for free advertising. Vendors are free to set pricing but there are certain rules to ensure that the industry remains competitive.

Why won’t you beat the price from other Dragon Medical One vars?

It comes down to our ethics, if all things being equal you should be making your buying decision from off a referral or who you think the best VAR to support you is, we fully support the community and will stand behind it.

Who is Dragon Medical Dictation Canada?

That’s a good question, I tried to ask for their GST/HST registration number to find out and they said they don’t provide that information. Since we know that all invoices for Dragon Medical One come from the distributor, eDIST via their portal I know most invoices will likely not display the VAR operating as ‘Dragon Medical Dictation Canada’. it made me wonder who they really are… Checking the registered company addresses reveals many different companies at the same location including and referenced by this website.

In our Medical System, that is paid for by Taxes and 99% of Doctors are funded directly from taxes we think that the Doctors and Clinicians in Ontario should keep that money in Ontario.

In 2015 it had you contact while showing Oceanlo9nic
In 2016 it changed to email addresses change to use but kept Oceanlo9nic
In 2018 it was Smarter Websites by
In 2020 it was Dragon Speech AI, Inc.
As of September 26th 2022 it lists Dragon Medical Dictation Canada

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