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Can I use Dragon Medical One on Apple M1 Systems?

Can I use Dragon Medical One on Apple M1?

In November of 2020 Apple ditched the Intel X86/X64 platform in favor of its own, in house processor called the Apple M1. The Apple M1 is a ARM based system on chip (SoC) that was designed by Apple Inc. as a combined GPU, CPU and Memory for their Macintosh computers and iPAD pro Tablets.

Are Apple M1 processors the future of Apple systems?

Absolutely, well at least until the next big thing. Apple M1 processors are the first Apple native silicon made for their software and all indications that the performance per watt absolutely is blowing away their X86 counterparts.

If you’ve landed on this page, you probably already know that. So the real question is can you use Dragon Medical One on Apple M1 Systems?

The answer is not directly, the truth is not much has changed since Nuance Discontinued Dragon for Mac Medical 5.0 in 08/14/2018. The introduction of Apple M1 architecture has made no significant changes in this respect.

Using Citrix or Microsoft VDI to use Dragon Medical One on a Apple M1 system

If you EHR/EMR application is Citrix Based or uses Microsoft VDI or remote web app it may be possible to natively interact with the application inside the environment using PowerMic Mobile. Draon Medical One is installed into the Citrix / Microsoft VDI infrastructure and using PowerMic Mobile you are able to interact with Dragon Medical One and dictate. Since Dragon Medical One is cloud based this offers a similar experience to running it on our computer.

While technically the application does not actually run on your Apple M1 system, you are able to fully interact with the your EHR/EMR using a Apple M1 system.

How to use Parallels and Windows 10 on ARM PC’s with x64 emulation to use Dragon Medical One on am apple M1 System.

The other option is to use Virtualization with a application like Parallels to run a virtual instance of Dragon Medical One, this is a much more complicated method. First, you have to run a insider preview of Windows 10 ARM within parallels to then further emulate the X86 applications.

While from a technology perspective I find this option interesting I’m would not consider it viable for running medical practice but I have meet some very technically savvy clinicians over the years.

For Parallels you can read up about the details here: About Parallels Desktop for Mac with Apple M1 chip

For x64 emulation in Windows 10 on ARM PC’s you can read up here: Introducing x64 emulation in preview for Windows 10 on ARM PCs to the Windows Insider Program | Windows Insider Blog

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