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What’s New in DMO?

Whats new in DMO 2022.2

2022.1 & 2022.2 New Features

Dragon Medical One comes with several new features, that includes a complete rewrite into new more efficient code. I will be direct, I think it’s fantastic that there is also a colour difference between the legacy version (2021.x) and (2022.x) as it makes it easy to see at a glance if you’re on the new platform yet!

It seems however, that 2022.1 and 2022.2 are not yet ready for primetime. Nuance limits this to select EMR’s mainly because it not all features are ready and have been successfully brough from 2021.x

Most notably, some of the issues in 2022.1 and 2022.2 are:

  • Selected Microsoft Windows voice commands (Press tab, Press enter, Cut that, Copy that, Paste that, Press space seem to work with varying degrees of success)
  • Key press simulation through voice for the fields requiring keystrokes
  • URL based support for Basic Text Control
  • Section 508 compliance
  • Support for Dragon Medical One Java Integration SDK
  • Support for Dragon Medical One .NET integration SDC
  • WPF
  • TX30

2022.1 & 2022.2 updated interface

The marginal changes are nice, I find the logo presents much better and the darker colours are more pleasing. Gone is the old ‘blue and green (that should never be seen… except in a washing machine) and more consistent with the Nuance branding. The logo with it’s black flame and outline pops.

image 2
The new 2022.x interface
image 3
The old 2021.x Interface

Full Windows 11 and Server 2022 Support

Supported Operating Systems2022.12022.2
Windows 8.1XX
Microsoft Windows 10XX
Microsoft Windows 11XX
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2XX
Microsoft Windows Server 2016XX
Microsoft Windows Server 2019XX
Microsoft Windows Server 2022X
Microsoft .NET 4.7.2XX
Microsoft WebView2XX
Supported Operating Systems 2022.1 vs 2022.2

Full Release Notes for the technophile

Between 2022.1 & 2022.2 there are over 30 fixes documented, and likely many more that didn’t get written. I’m excited to see the enhancements there’s no need to go about listing them all here. You can check out the release notes for the USA version below.

How can you get the new version?

Keep in mind that it is still the recommendation of Nuance to stick with 2021.4 unless you have a reason not to, you can access it via the innovated portal.

Keep in mind that using this unless specifically instructed to do so by your Nuance or your VAR may lead to problems, you should reach out to them before trying it. As always, backup your data before you install.

Using this software may mean you are unsupported, but we have done some basic testing in Canada and it appears to work with all the known limitations. Neat thing? Fixed our previously reported Teams Issue!

Who is 2022.2 meant for?

Great question, if you checked out the url above you would see it’s intended for Cerner, Epic and web-based EHR customers. For example, AwareMD’s Cerebrum now owned by WELL Health may benefit from using such an install.


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