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New for 1995 – DragonDictate® 2.0 for Windows Demo

DragonDictate 2.0 for Windows
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Dragon Systems, Inc. Logo ~ 1996

Dragon Systems, Inc is proud to announce new for 1995 DragonDictate®2.0 for Windows supports many of your favorite applications, like Word, Novell Perfect Office, Corel WordPerfect and Lotus SmartSuite!

Watch the below demo to see how Dragon Dictate 2.0 for Windows can help improve your productivity.

For your best experience, we recommend a powerful computer featuring a Intel 486 DX 2 66Mhz processor, 16MB of RAM and a 16-bit sound card.

  • DragonDictate® is a speech recognition software package that allows you to dictate directly into your DOS or Windows® applications!
  • DragonDictate® typically has 94-98 percent accuracy at over 45 words per minute (free dictation), and is faster when you use Voice Macros (up to 1,000 keystrokes per macro)!
  • DragonDictate® has Accurate command and control capabilities, allowing you to access menus and dialog boxes!
  • DragonDictate® allows you to control your MOUSE by voice!
  • DragonDictate® is a useful tool for people with disabilities, as well as those without disabilities!
  • DragonDictate® permits people with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (or other repetitive stress disorders) to return to work.
  • DragonDictate® is available for DOS or Windows, and comes in three editions, Personal, Classic and Power.

Enhanced Support for Windows 95 coming soon with the 2.1 update!

“The fastest recognition, the most hands-free interface,

and the most complete functionality . . .”

— September, 1996 Computer Shopper

Don’t take our word for it, watch this demo recorded on our 486 DX2 66Mhz with 16MB RAM using Windows for Workgroup 3.11!

(For the best experience, use a PC equipped with Multimedia features and turn on your sound)

Personal Edition

List Price $395

10,000 Word Dictionary

Classic Edition

List Price $695

30,000 Word Dictionary

Power Edition

List Price $1,695

120,000 Word Dictionary

Get up an running quickly, after you install the program you only need to spend 30 minutes training the system by speaking 770 words, it’s not difficult to learn and within a few hours you’ll be an expert! We claim over 93% accuracy!

If you’re lost? Don’t worry, the program comes with a 230-page printed manual for you to reference!

“Faster than most people can type.”

— May 14, 1996 PC Magazine

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