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Get Free Dragon Medical One Video Training

How to access the free built in video training in dragon medical one

Dragon Medical One video training is embedded into DMO and there are roughly 25 short videos ranging from 1-5 minutes in length that cover a variety of topics.

You can access this training by saying ‘open training’ or ‘show training’.

There was not a lot of easy to find detail on keyboard shortcuts so we created this handy document on what are the dragon medical one keyboard shortcuts and how to configure them.

Pro Tip – That ‘+’ on your numpad turns on and off the mic!

“show training”

Using the voice Command Show Training permits you to access the free and included Dragon Medical One Training videos.
a screen shot of the training menu showing the first 5 free dragon medical video training lessons

The current Dragon Medical One Video Training Topics

The DragonBar

Learn about the visual cues displayed on the DragonBar and how to access the Dragon Medical One menu.
1 minute

PowerMic Best Practices

Learn how to get the best performance from your Nuance PowerMic microphone.
2 minutes

Switching Microphones in Dragon Medical One

Learn how to quickly and easily use the DragonBar menu to switch microphones while using Dragon Medical One
2 minutes

PowerMic Mobile

Learn how PowerMic Mobile lets you use your smartphone as a wireless microphone when dictating with Dragon Medical One.
3 minutes

Dictating in Dragon

Learn how to use Dragon Medical One speech recognition to dictate and create documentations, including best practices and available voice commands to navigate and correct text.
2 minutes

Standby Mode/Wake Word

Learn how to use hands-free dictation when voice commands perform the same function as pressing the record button on a UB microphone. In Standby mode, Dragon Medical One remains idle until it hears the Wake word voice comm and when it enters dictation mode. (NOTE: Only available for “U.S. English” language pack)
2 minutes

Create a voice command to perform an action

Learn how to setup a voice command to automate keystrokes or repetitive actions. Shorten your documentation time by creating a Step-by-Step command to reply to an email, turn your microphone on/off, and open a commonly used website.
5 minutes

Single Sign-On Authentication

Learn how to use existing credentials from your organization’s identity provider to enable single sign-on authentication to Dragon Medical One. (NOTE: Only available in the U.S.)
1 minute

Basic Text Control

Learn how to simulate dictation at the cursor when working in applications where this capability is not available.
3 minutes

Clinical Content Search

Learn how to retrieve information from a rich library of clinical content to aid in documenting the patient encounter. (NOTE: Available in the U.S. only)
2 minutes

Using Auto-Texts

Learn how to build auto-texts that populate commonly-used phrases into your documentation using a voice command.
3 minutes

Manage Custom Vocabulary (Adding Custom Words)

Learn how to add words, phrases, or names to your personal vocabulary to teach Dragon to render them correctly.
4 minutes

Manage Custom Vocabulary (Adding Medical Acronyms)

Learn how to teach Dragon to spell out long forms of words when dictating acronyms.
2 minutes

Optimize for Rapid Navigation

Learn how to address unpredictable cursor behavior (jumping cursor, where text is not placed correctly) by using the rapid navigation option.
4 minutes

Anchor Speech Focus

Learn how to dictate a note into an application while using the mouse and screen to view or manipulate a different application.
2 minutes

Coherence Mode

Learn how to automatically route user audio to the correct instance of Dragon Medical One when physicians click the target application.
2 minutes

Resiliency Mode

Learn how you can use basic Dragon Medical One speech recognition even when the Nuance Management Service database is unavailable.
2 minutes

Manage Formatting

Learn how to set your preferred format for date, time, numbers, measurements, words, statements, and more. (NOTE: Only available for “U.S. English” language pack and not available for “Clinical Administration” specialty.)
2 minutes

Spelling Mode

Learn how to recite individual letters, numbers, and characters to spell-out medical codes, uncommon names, acronyms, special characters, and diacritics.
3 minutes

Administrator Messages for PowerMic Mobile

Learn how to use the Nuance Management Center (NMC) to send messages to clinicians using PowerMic Mobile.
2 minutes

User Default Settings in NMC

Learn how to use the Nuance Management Center (NMC) to define and lock default Dragon Medical One user settings and create an efficient, familiar, predictable dictation experience.
6 minutes

Manage Custom Vocabulary via the Nuance Management Center

Learn how to use the Nuance Management Center (NMC) to manage vocabularies for users across sites, groups, and organizations.
4 minutes

DMO Analytics – Executive Review

Learn how to use the Nuance Healthcare analytics Executive Summary dashboard, available through the Nuance Management Center (NMC), to track Dragon Medical One Key Performance Indicators (KPI) such as user activity, adoption, productivity, efficiency, quality. This function is for the USA Only at this time.
NMC in Canada
NMC in the USA
4 minutes

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